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Congratulations brother Lee

Around the year 1999/2000 I had access to the first sermon of Brother Lee Vayle on the internet. The title was: "If you only knew who I am." Like many others I imagined that that minister had already left long ago, and knowing how close he was to Brother Branham, I felt such a great joy to have one of his sermos in my hand. With the aid of an electronic translator at the time, I managed to get an inkling of his words and that was enough to put aside the image people had of brother Lee: "A theologian!" That was what everyone said. But I could see he was a humble man, who loved and respected the Messenger of God, who learned at his feet for several years and stated with conviction: "I stood before God, and He was in a man ". From that moment I did not measure efforts to make his sermons available for the Portuguese speaking saints. Today I thank God and the brethren throughout Brazil and even abroad, who help and pray for this work to be continued. We are happy to announce the translation of this sermon, which could be called "The Prophet of the Twentieth Century - Part 2".

We offer this translation in Portuguese this September in a special issue because Pastor Lee Vayle turns 96  on September 28. That's right, as John in the past this warrior of Faith has been kept alive until our days, long enough to see the Doctrine of Christ disseminated in all regions of the earth. God had a plan when He had Lee Vayle meet William Branham. A man who for many years everybody thought had already left, and suddenly his teaching ministry encompasses the land, freeing the people of the traditions that negate the truth, traditions planted over more than forty years among the people of the message.

On November 30, 1985, whe he preached this sermon, Brother Lee refers to an elderly sister, and reminds us of the beloved apostle John as well:

"All of us will die, unless, by the grace of God, that some standing here will not see death. And this is true. [Amen] It's true. We are pretty young here not to see death. I have a friend, she is on the way to her eighties, and I pray every day that she will be standing here for the Resurrection. Not that she can not go, not that she could not go. But I think the time of the promise is that that immortality is here. And I would hate to see her go. She is a lovely, lovely Christian, and I think it's a great testimony that someone her age lives for a long time, like John of the past, [Amen] and just God takes him out of the picture. " (If you only knew who I am - 119)

I also think it is a great testimony Brother Lee Vayle is now completing 96 years of age, serving the Lord, defending the faith once delivered to the saints.
We know the difficulties and limitations for a man at an advanced age, and I ask everyone to pray for our brother that God will sustain and always be his help at this time. As for me, I can not express back what his efforts and the ministry has been in my life, and if you who read these words also feel that way, let us then show our gratitude to God for his life, thanking God for having sustained Brother Lee up to this time. This is our birthday present.

Brother Lee Vayle, Congratulations ... May God bless you.Soon we will meet and will have an eternity together without distance or limitations.
Brother Rosendo

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